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What Chelsea Does

Hallo! I’m a Melbourne-based designer, creating for over a decade. I’ve worked with some iconic and much-loved brands such as Penguin Books, spread my professional wings during years overseas, responded to briefs that were as playful as my assistant (toy poodle Benji) or as serious as my quilting skills (very serious).

My beginnings as a graphic designer have led me down many a creative pathway. Applying my extensive skills for shape, colour and texture, I provide Interior Design, Decorating and Garden Design services as well as my first love, Graphic Design. 

Transformation is my specialty. Whether it be help choosing colours to repaint your kitchen cupboards, property renovations, house or office makeovers, indoor and out. I love to see a space go from unnoticeable, to your happy place. 

Do you like a great before and after photo? I'll show you mine and I'll help you with yours. Let's play! I'd love to say 'Hallo'.

What Chelsea Loves

Hallo Cameo loves to be inspired! Whether it be in art or travel, or getting out in work (play!) clothes and painting a room or adding more plants in the garden. 

All the images on this site are the combination of those passions, whether they are my photographic works from my Icelandic escapades, the ceramics I form while remembering the earth in Petra, Jordan, or my hand-thrown light shades inspired by the textures and materials I encountered during years in Toronto, my inspirations fill me up and leave via my hands. 

Share your loves with me and I’ll make you something beautiful for them, whether it’s your house, your business or your blank, white wall. 

Show me what you love! Let me make you something beautiful.


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